Five Biggest Cruise Ship Hazards

Most people think of cruise ships as being a safe, reliable vacation option for the whole family. However, cruise ships can pose some distinct risks for passengers, potentially resulting in devastating injuries, illnesses, and trauma. The following are five of the biggest cruise ship hazards that can threaten passenger safety:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: a wide range of different factors make slip and fall accidents a serious injury concern on cruise ships. Slip and fall accidents can result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or even brain damage.
  • Illness Outbreak: the outbreak of serious illnesses, such as the norovirus, is a serious cause for concern on cruise ships, particularly because the confined spaces can easily allow these types of diseases to spread. Insufficient food safety standards, poor sanitation, and lack of medical staff can all contribute to these problems.
  • Cruise Ship Collisions: while rare, the injuries that passengers can suffer in a cruise ship collision can be life-threatening. Whether the collision involves land masses, underwater debris, or anything else, it can have devastating consequences for those onboard.
  • Crew Assault: cruise ship lines are supposed to put their crew through rigorous screening procedures, but sometimes, dangerous staff are nevertheless allowed onboard, putting the safety and well-being of passengers at risk.
  • Fall Hazards: many cruise ships have several levels, creating the potential for elevated fall hazards. Lack of guard rails, unnecessarily slippery surfaces, and other factors can all create the potential for serious fall injuries.

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