Dangers of Cruise Ship Swimming Pools

Because young children often cannot swim independently, swimming pools can cause serious harm. Cruise ships equipped with swimming pools are responsible for exercising the highest degree of safety. If children or any individual is ever hurt in a cruise ship pool due to a lack of security or safety precautions, the cruise line can and should be held responsible. The attorneys at Louis A. Vucci P.A. firmly believe that if an injury has ever been sustained due to cruise ship negligence, the cruise line should be pursued for financial compensation.

Sources of Swimming Pool Dangers

Swimming pools can cause harm in various ways if not properly managed. It is the cruise line’s responsibility to ensure safety at the highest possible degree. While vacationers are on cruises, getting hurt is the last thing they should have to worry about. However, sometimes cruise ships fail to secure swimming pool grounds. Common examples of swimming pool dangers may involve the following:

  • Poor pool design
  • Lack of lifeguards
  • Lack of pool safety equipment
  • Distracting environment
  • Lack of barriers around the pool

All of these factors can cause problems. If any of the above circumstances lead to a swimming pool injury, the cruise ship may be held liable for any resulting financial damages.

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