“Volun-tourism” Being Popularized on Cruise Vacations

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2016 at 2:15 pm    

Carnival Corp. is set to expand its “volun-tourism” outings to the Dominican Republic after receiving positive feedback from their initial introduction of the expeditions on the 704-passenger fleet, Adonia, in May. The idea behind “volun-tourism” is that cruise guests will be able to perform some type of volunteer activity while they are on vacation in the Dominican Republic or Cuba. The project was started by the company’s social impact brand, Fathom, and offers the excursions alongside more typical tourist activities, like snorkeling and parasailing.

New excursions will include a hands-on visit to a chocolate factory, where guests will be a part of the production process, and a visit alongside local artisans and business owners at a recycling facility. Feedback from guests reveals that the opportunities to volunteer and interact with local Dominicans while on vacation are fulfilling and foster a new perspective on life. Travelers looking to engage in “volun-tourism” can choose between a medley of other social impact trips, like teaching English and pouring concrete in local homes. The expeditions are expected to improve the cases of reduced tourism in the Dominican Republic following a rise in the popularity of tourism in Cuba.

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