Celebrity Millenium replaces worn motor

Posted on Thursday, September 12th, 2013 at 9:05 pm    

Celebrity Cruises will be changing a dysfunctional propulsion motor on Celebrity Millennium so that the ship can begin making trips again on September 22. Celebrity Cruises spokeswoman Tavia Robb said both the Millennium’s 2,158-passenger vessel and the 250-ton Rolls Royce Mermaid pod will be retired to the Grand Bahama Shipyard from Rotterdam.

Since the electrical issue is located in an area in the pod that is highly inaccessible, the company decided to just replace the entire pod, Robb said. Robb added that Celebrity Cruises, which is part of Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises, has yet to determine the exact cost of the repair.

The failure in the part of Celebrity Millennium’s two Rolls Royce propulsion pod systems, specifically the pod’s stator, was the cause of the cancellation of five Alaska cruises, Celebrity President and CEO Michael Bayley said. It has been out of commission for more than a week already.

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