Crew Member Killed in Elevator Accident on Carnival Cruise

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 at 7:29 pm    

A man who worked for Carnival Cruise as an electrician was killed in an elevator accident over the weekend. According to reports on, the electrician was working in the elevator shaft when the elevator descended. Carnival has not commented on the situation beyond stating that a crew member had died and that the company extended their condolences and support to the family of the deceased.

The scene of the accident was first discovered by passengers on the cruise who filmed footage of blood streaming down the elevator door. Apparently, there was also a passenger inside of the elevator at the time of the accident. Soon after the scene was discovered, crew members closed off the area. Though an investigation is reportedly underway, it is not clear why the elevator was not deactivated prior to the accident.

Carnival Corp. introduces social responsibility brand

Posted on Friday, June 19th, 2015 at 6:23 pm    

Cruise company Carnival Corp. launched a tenth brand called “fathom” on June 4 marketed towards social responsibility, according to the Miami Herald.

The new cruise – although the company is hesitant to even call it that – will feature much of the usual cruise activities, such as wind surfing or hiking, but now passengers also have the chance to plant cacao, manufacture chocolate with and for a women’s cooperative, work with volunteer educators to teach English to children and adults alike, and build water filtration systems – all while traveling in Carnival’s ship.

According to research made by the company, it is highly likely that the fathom customer base will focus on three key groups: older millennials who possess disposable income, older adults who want to devote their time and not just their money to a cause, and families with children aged eight and above who want to spend a meaningful family vacation together.

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