Contaminated Food on a Cruise Ship

Being on a cruise is supposed to be fun, exciting, and relaxing. Unfortunately for many people, this is not the case, as they find themselves suffering from illnesses caused by contaminated food on the cruise ship. Although many people may believe this does not happen often, the reality, as we at Louis A. Vucci P.A., are aware, is that far too many innocent cruise ship passengers suffer serious harm due to food-related incidents on a cruise ship. In fact, there are many ways that food on a cruise ship can become dangerous and cause harm to passengers.

Causes of Food Contamination

Food on board a cruise ship can become contaminated in many different ways. Generally, contamination happens due to the negligence of someone who was supposed to be in charge of the food. Some reasons it could happen include:

  • Exposure to other foods/substances
  • Unsafe storage
  • Keeping meats at the wrong temperatures
  • Exposing food to water/moisture
  • Poor hygiene
  • Poor preparation of food
  • Contaminants on board the ship

Any of these situations could lead to food contamination on a cruise ship, allowing innocent and unsuspecting passengers to suffer from serious food poisoning or other illnesses.

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