Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

With all the activities available on cruise ships, cruises are an enjoyable and popular vacation choice for many families and friends. However, no one expects their safety or well-being to be compromised while trying to enjoy the amenities and opportunities their vacation provides. Unfortunately, cruise ship passengers can be exposed to serious dangers if the ship is not properly maintained, including slip and fall accidents. Should a person fall on a cruise ship, they could sustain devastating injuries, something no one wants on what should be a fun and memorable trip.

Louis A. Vucci P.A., our cruise ship slip and fall accident attorney, believes that a fun and relaxing vacation with your loved ones should never be ruined by a slip and fall injury that could have been prevented. We know that a serious injury can essentially become a full-time job, dealing with hospital costs, rehabilitation fees, and coping with pain, all while trying to work and still keep up relationships with friends and family. As such, anyone in this situation should consider filing a passenger claim, seeking compensation for the undue harm they have suffered. To learn more about how our slip and fall lawyers can help you recover money to pay for your injuries and expenses after a slip and fall on a cruise ship, contact us today at (786) 375-0344.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Unless the victim of a cruise ship slip and fall accident has an attorney advocating for their rights, a cruise line will not likely offer the victim the support they need. The physical, mental, and financial strain that a serious injury causes is already enough of a burden for victims and their families to contend with. Trying to pursue a lawsuit while suffering from this pain can seem almost impossible, but a lawyer can take the legal burden off your shoulders and let you focus on recovery.

Additionally, if the victim of a slip and fall accident has been made to feel as if they are at fault for their serious injury, seeking legal help is an effective way to help a victim understand their rights. Guests on a ship naturally rely on the crew to anticipate and handle potential hazards. The ship crew should remain vigilant and ensure that all walkways, common areas, and potential threats are safeguarded so that everyone can enjoy their time. Conditions and weather on the water are constantly changing, and the crew needs to adapt to these changes and take action when they threaten anyone’s safety. If they fail in this duty, they can be legally held accountable for their negligence.

Lawyers understand how overwhelming an injury can be, and they work tirelessly for those looking to return to their normal lives. When someone invests in an attorney for slip and fall matters, they are not only ensuring that they recover the resources they need, but they are ensuring a safer environment for all other people who board the ship after them. Ensuring cruise lines are held to a high standard ultimately benefits everyone.

Why Choose Louis A. Vucci P.A.?

Cruise ship law is a unique and nuanced area of the law. Because accidents on cruise ships may happen in international waters, it can be difficult to understand what law applies. Furthermore, many cruise ships are registered in countries other than the United States, further complicating matters. Louis A. Vucci P.A. has centered his entire practice around the unique aspects of cruise ship law, so we understand your case in a way no other firm can. Our knowledge and experience have enabled us to win millions for our clients in the past, a testament to our success, and we are ready to do the same for you.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents that occur aboard a cruise ship, largely due to the amount of items found on board and water pooling. When people slip and fall, especially around water, they may shrug it off and blame it on clumsiness, but the cruise line must ensure that the ship is as safe as possible for passengers. So if a puddle or other hazard accumulates in a high-traffic area on the deck, the crew needs to clean the hazard quickly rather than relying on the passengers to avoid it. Some other common causes of slip-and-fall accidents on cruise ships include:

  • Failure to fix damaged flooring
  • Poor lighting
  • Failure to replace or repair stair railings
  • Poorly maintained public areas
  • Damaged or unsecured deck railing

Cruise line workers have a duty to properly maintain and clean the ship to protect passengers from an accident. When this duty is not met, causing an innocent person injury, those responsible for the accident should be held accountable.

Get in Touch with a Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

If you or someone you know has become a victim of a slip and fall injury on a cruise ship, our cruise ship passenger claims attorney Louis A. Vucci P.A. believes that you may be entitled to compensation for your accident. Our lawyers know that asking for help isn’t always easy, but one call can set you on the path to getting the help that you require to heal and move on. While slipping and falling is an accident, it is absolutely an accident that could have and should have been prevented by the cruise line. Find out how our compassionate legal team might be able to help you get the justice and compensation you need by calling (786) 375-0344 or filling out a contact form.