Electrocution Aboard a Cruise Ship

Cruises are widely popular attractions that many individuals decide to take. Unfortunately, cruise ship accidents occur more frequently than you’d like to think, oftentimes as a direct result of negligence on behalf of cruise line personnel.

A cruise ship is constantly exposed to water on the decks, and if any electrical component is left exposed or malfunctions, passengers are at serious risk of being shocked. Cruise ships require a large supply of electricity to power the ship, so voltage runs all across the ship. Furthermore, ocean water is a great conductor of electricity.

Ways to be Electrocuted on a Cruise Ship

Adequate cruise ship maintenance is critical but sometimes overlooked. Cruise ships have become so extravagant they are like floating cities on the sea. As such, much electricity is required to keep cruise ships fully functional, not to mention the appliances, machinery, and high-voltage lines running all over the ship. So, certain things left on deck risk exposing a passenger to a dangerous electrical current. Common ways cruise ship passengers are electrocuted include the following:

  • Contact with exposed electrical appliances
  • Contact with exposed wiring on a cruise ship
  • Lightning
  • Exposure to cruise ship machinery
  • Faulty electrical sockets

Electrical injury on a cruise vessel can lead to serious long-term injury or even death to passengers. Fortunately, our cruise ship attorneys at Louis A. Vucci P.A. can help you pursue rightful compensation in the event of a devastating injury aboard a cruise ship.

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If you have suffered injury as a result of electrocution aboard a cruise ship, you should not be held responsible. Cruise ship companies are responsible for keeping their vessels safe for all individuals on board at all times, so leaving any electrical components exposed could be found to be negligent behavior. The Louis A. Vucci P.A. has extensive experience fighting for passengers’ rights and financial compensation after a cruise ship injury has occurred, and we can effectively guide you through the legal process so you can get the justice you think you deserve. Contact Louis A. Vucci P.A. at (786) 375-0344 so you can acquire the help of one of our highly qualified cruise ship attorneys today.