Cruise Ship 101

Because the laws regulating cruise ship injuries are different than those for most other injuries in the United States, the rights and legal options available to cruise ship injury victims can often be difficult to understand. The following is a brief explanation of everything you need to know if you or someone you love has suffered a cruise ship injury:

  • Many cruise ships have a strict statute of limitations on injury claims. In most cases, passengers have as little as one year after the accident to file a claim for damages stemming from an injury on a cruise ship.
  • Most cruise ship lawsuits have to be filed in Miami federal court, a result of language in cruise ship tickets that is intended to make it more difficult for injury victims to fight for  justice.
  • Cruise ships are responsible for creating a safe environment for passengers. While some injuries may simply be the result of unforeseeable accidents, in many cases, cruise ship injuries occur because of negligence or recklessness on the part of the cruise ship’s management or staff.  In these circumstances, the cruise line is likely liable for the costs of the injury.
  • Injuries don’t have to occur on the ship itself. Injuries that happen during shore excursions may still leave cruise companies liable for their passengers’ damages.
  • Cruise ships are strictly liable for the actions of their staff and crew. Regardless of whether the cruise line sanctions staff actions, any act committed by a staff member that results in passenger injury is the responsibility of the cruise line.

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