Wrong Diagnosis Lawyers

Medical crews on board cruise ships are medical professionals that we expect will properly attend to passengers seeking medical care. Unfortunately, medical crews can incorrectly diagnose patients and cause even more serious damage to patients than they initially experienced. The wrong diagnosis lawyers at Louis A. Vucci, P.A., are prepared to fight for the legal rights and interests of those who have been affected by an incorrect diagnosis given by a cruise ship medical crew.

In addition to physical recovery, improper diagnosis victims often must contend with expensive medical bills and the cost of lost wages. At Louis A. Vucci, P.A., our lawyers believe that people like you who have been negatively affected by a bad diagnosis should receive the legal representation they need to seek financial compensation.

Dangers of a Wrong Diagnosis

An incorrect diagnosis by a cruise ship medical staff member can result in many unwanted consequences. Some of the dangers of a wrong diagnosis include:

  • Delayed treatment
  • Wrong medication
  • Improper treatment
  • Prolonged illness or injury
  • Longer recovery process

If you have suffered from an incorrect diagnosis due to medical crew negligence, there are legal steps you can take to seek compensation for medical bills. Discuss your options with a wrong diagnosis attorney experienced in cruise ship cases.

Consult a Medical Negligence Lawyer

Incorrect diagnoses put people in serious danger of heightened illness or other medical complications. At Louis A. Vucci, P.A., our lawyers are dedicated to helping those who have suffered due to a wrong diagnosis given by a cruise ship medical crew. You do not have to fight for your legal rights on your own. Contact our wrong diagnosis lawyers by calling (786) 375-0344 today.